Here Are The Richest Cities In Georgia, Per The Latest Census Data

Georgia has skilled completely staggering development during the last 30 years. From a inhabitants of 6,478,216 in 1990, Georgia’s inhabitants has surged by 65.4%, reaching 10,711,908 in 2020. And the place many different main cities noticed a dip in inhabitants due, as of 2022, it reached roughly 10.9 million. This surge in inhabitants has been accompanied by one other surge — a surge in wealth.

In latest research, we’ve analyzed and examined the richest cities in Southern states, like Mississippi, Florida, and Texas. Now, we’re having a look on the richest cities in Georgia. So, learn on and discover out what the richest metropolis in Georgia is, in addition to the highest 50 wealthiest cities within the state.

What Is the Richest Metropolis in Georgia?

With a purpose to outline a “richest metropolis in Georgia,” we sourced knowledge from the Census Bureau’s 2021 American Group Survey 5-12 months Estimates (which is the most recent knowledge accessible), together with median family revenue, imply family revenue, median house worth, and median property taxes paid, analyzing and scoring every considered one of these components, placing collectively a listing of the highest 50 richest cities in Georgia.

First, some necessary notes about Census knowledge. The Census Bureau measures median family incomes as much as $250,000, with households incomes extra being denoted as “$250,000+”. The Census additionally does this with median house worth, which works as much as $2 million and something above that being expressed as “$2,000,000+”. Thirdly, the identical parameters apply to measuring median property taxes paid, which go as much as $10,000 and any quantity above that’s denoted as “$10,000+”.

Therefore why imply family revenue was notably helpful in our evaluation as a result of, in contrast to median family revenue, the Census Bureau gives imply (or common) family revenue with actual values for each metropolis in Georgia. All 4 of those metrics have been scored, added up, after which ranked by the cities’ mixed scores.

Under you’ll discover a desk detailing the highest 50 richest cities in Georgia and their respective greenback figures for every metric:

Primarily based on this four-factor metric of median family revenue, common family revenue, median house worth, and median property taxes paid, the richest metropolis in Georgia is Druid Hills, which is partly a neighborhood of Atlanta, however categorized by a Census-Designated Place (CDP), so it’s handled as a metropolis correct. With 3,660 whole households, Druid Hills is fascinating as a result of it started as a deliberate group, which was house to the Heart for Illness Management (CDC) and the principle campus of Emory College, among the finest schools in Georgia. These have been later annexed and included into town of Atlanta correct.

Druid Hills has a median family revenue of $137,576, which is the fifth highest in Georgia. Its imply family revenue is $209,785, which is sweet sufficient to be the No. 1 highest within the state. In the meantime, the median house worth in Druid Hills was $698,000, the best in Georgia; and its median property taxes paid — $7,098 a yr — was the second highest within the examine,

The No. 2 richest metropolis in Georgia is greater than double the dimensions of Druid Hills however can be in DeKalb County: Decatur. Having a complete of 8,906 households, Decatur is a sizeable city, house to round 25,000 folks. Decatur’s median family revenue is $123,617, with a median family revenue of $170,591. The median house worth in Decatur is $583,900, which is the second highest in Georgia behind solely Druid Hills. Lastly, the median property taxes paid in Decatur per yr is $7,451, which is the No. 1 highest quantity within the state.

No. 3 Milton is far bigger than the No. 1 and No. 2 richest cities in Georgia. Milton is situated roughly 30 miles north of Atlanta, having a complete of 14,867 whole households. Milton has the seventh highest median family revenue, at $136,020. Extra spectacular, Milton’s common family revenue is $194,710, which is the third highest within the state. With a reported median house worth of $561,000, Milton ranks fourth-highest on this class. The median property taxes paid have been additionally fairly excessive in Milton, at $5,931 per yr.

The No. 4 richest metropolis in Georgia is Berkeley Lake, a metropolis of solely 984 households situated in Gwinnett County, a northern suburb of Atlanta. The median family revenue is $138,182, making Berkeley Lake’s median revenue the fourth highest within the state, whereas its imply family revenue of $175,315 is the seventh highest. When it comes to employment, the principle industries in Berkeley Lake are an fascinating mixture of Skilled, Scientific, & Technical Providers, accounting for 19.5% of the workforce; adopted by Academic Providers, accounting for 11.3%; and in third, Development, accounting for 10% of the workforce, in response to DataUSA.

The No. 5 richest metropolis in Georgia — Dutch Island — is a non-public, gated group in Chatham County, not removed from Savannah. This explains Dutch Island’s comparatively small dimension of 466 whole households. In Dutch Island, the median family revenue is $155,556 and its common family revenue of $188,774 is the fourth highest in Georgia. Dwelling values in Dutch Island are decrease than in No. 1 Druid Hills or No. 2 Decatur, with the median house worth in Dutch Island being $523,100, which continues to be the ninth highest within the examine.

Backside Line on the Richest Cities in Georgia

Of the highest 10 richest cities in Georgia, town with the biggest one is No. 10 Sandy Springs, which is house to 49,941 households. In Sandy Springs, the median family revenue of $86,932 won’t appear excessive, however its imply family revenue of $145,216 is sort of excessive for the state. The town in Georgia that posted the No. 1 highest median family revenue was No. 16 total, Mineral Bluff, which had a median revenue of $173,132. This small city of simply 144 households is situated within the Blue Ridge Mountains and, unusually, had a better median family revenue than its imply family revenue ($173,132 versus $129,172).

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